Panayiotis Pachomiou
B.Sc (Hons) Arch, DipArch, RIBA
Chartered Architect 

Inspired and self-motivated managing partner with a proven ability to lead the project team to capitalize on the commercial aspect by maximizing profitability and to deliver resounding projects on time meeting the target yield of the capital investment. Possessing excellent communication skills and delivers confidence to clients and stakeholders. Thrives on diversity and challenges whilst delivers design solutions through a quality management regime. Maintains the ethos of value engineering on all projects and investigates new forms of construction and design methodologies to maximize environmental issues.
Appointed member of the Planning Council in Cyprus which regulates the planning policies and legislation.
As an Architect, his expertise in architecture and project management extends to engaging with Asset Management Companies.   He engages with investors, presenting investment opportunities with a view to building a network of potential buyers for different projects.


Marios Kazamias
BArch, Architect

Marios Kazamias. BArch holds a degree in Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. While in California, he was employed in Angeles area, DMJM, Anshen and Allen and Keating/Khang. His employment in these firms has garnished him with tremendous experience in a wide range of projects in the fields of Education, Health, Office and Aviation.
Marios with diverse skills in design, he approaches all projects with a spirit of creativity. He is sensitive in environmental matters, site specificity. budget constraints and client requirements.
Upon his return to Cyprus in 2002, Marios was involved in a variety of projects, carrying through all stages of design and construction administration. He is involved with local Universities of architecture in Nicosia as an advisor and critic. As of 2009, Marios is a Partner at Pachomiou & Kazamias Architects.

The Office

Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects are dedicated to creating value through design. Based in Nicosia and Limassol we provide a rare combination of strategic, architectural, building and management skills.

With a wealth of experience of housing and commercial projects in both the private and public sectors, we combine planning expertise and innovative design skills with practical approach based on sound technical knowledge and attention to detail. We bring to any project a keen commercial awareness and cost-consciousness, which comes from an in-depth understanding of the development process.

We work hard to offer the highest possible standard of service. We listen to our clients and respond to their needs. Our constant aim is to improve what we do; to keep abreast of technical and legislative changes, to incorporate new ideas, new thinking and new technology.

Above all we recognise the value of people; the importance of harnessing and building on the abilities and experience of everyone involved. Our strength comes not just from individuals, but also from the collective talents and experience of a well-moulded team. It is this which establishes the character and personality of the practice; making our clients feel at ease, giving them confidence in our advice on any aspect of a project, confidence in any scheme we produce for them, confidence in our ability to achieve what we say we will.

Architectural experiences affect each of us in a unique way, both overtly and subliminally. Sometimes we are not consciously aware of the way our surroundings impact us. At Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects, we honour the individual character of our clients and the way each naturally perceives their environment.

Architecture is not just the structure, but also how the structure is experienced, inside and out. When architecture is experienced as a composed flow of planes, light and texture, it deeply touches sensual emotions; we are elated, joyful, relaxed. The dialogue between mass and void, how sunlight moves across a room or the play of different materials on one another, are important elements in creating experiential architecture. These elements are captured in every Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects design.

The practice has a portfolio of completed work, and schemes in the pipeline, that employ a wide range of technical measures to achieve high energy efficiency and low carbon dioxide impacts. However, we are constantly aware that low carbon dioxide impacts are not a result of mere technical innovation and responsible specification. We take the view that good urban design and developments appropriate to the context are also keystones of sustainability. To this end we endeavour to ensure that all developments are good neighbours, paying due respect to local context, styles, materials movement traffic, and the existing ecology. In developing projects we therefore set out to design schemes which have distinct architectural quality, are adaptable to changing needs, defensible space and orientation and have an appearance that positively enhances the context.

Whatever a project may be, from a master planning a new housing development to the complexities of a commercial development, we have the ability and experience.

We encourage you to consider the way your environment affects the way you live and work before we offer an architectural solution. We listen closely to you so that your project will be sensitive to your needs on a conscious and sub-conscious mind. At Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects, we want to create an environment that harmonizes with your view.

Our design process allows you to experience your desire quality of life before construction begins. It is difficult to understand the feelings evoked by spaces layered with form and light, while looking at a two-dimensional plan or elevation drawing. What appears to be clear on a plan can become something quite different once built. Using 3D modelling software, we offer the chance to walk through your new space, experiencing spatial relationships, light and materials.

We provide different levels of 3D image customized for each client. Some clients only require simply rendered models. Others desire photo-realistic images of complicated models with extremely accurate light placement and material. This process promotes clear communication between client and architect and an efficient construction process.

At Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects, we believe that every project is the sum of its details. It is this philosophy that makes us an integrated design practice. Whether you are planning an office or your own home, we have the ability to provide you with detailed solutions to all of your design needs. We can assist you in selecting furniture and art that are complementary to the architecture. Satisfaction with your total environment is our goal.

We believe that architecture should reflect the times in which we live, and that our designs should employ energy efficient and non-toxic materials and technologies. Whenever possible, we use natural light, ecological construction methods and materials, and high quality / maintenance construction.

Our approach to architecture is multi-faceted. We want to be sure that you are satisfied with the quality of your project for years to come.

At Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects we are considering at design stage the environmental principles, such as:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing CO₂ emissions
  • Reduce air-conditioning, or minimising its energy use
  • Providing good internal visual and thermal conditions
  • Allowing individual control of lighting, heating and cooling where possible
  • Stimulating environmentally friendly design and construction

Today’s homebuyers are looking for sustainable homes. At Pachomiou + Kazamias Architects we design to reflect the concept of sustainable design. We consider and implement the basics of sustainable design:

  • Sustainable site planning
  • Environmentally sound building materials and equipment
  • Increased energy efficiency and how to incorporate renewable energy strategies
  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Better construction waste management practices